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Most habitual dieters will spend 99% of their time dieting and only 1% of their life maintaining weight loss. We all know that’s backwards, but quite often, people are looking for that “quick fix” and many of fad diets promise just that. While short term success is often seen, most of the fad diets are unhealthy, eliminating whole food groups, and usually centered around restricting calories. At Commit Fitness we do a complete lifestyle overhaul one step at a time so that you can lose weight and most importantly, keep it off.


One of the most important things we teach is nutrient timing. We teach our clients to eat the right foods, in the right amounts, at the right times. No food or food group is off limits. Our clients learn about all kinds of foods. Obviously, we do teach people to limit certain “junk foods”, but what the client ultimately eats is up to them. Since we never say “eat this, don’t eat that”, most of our clients end up avoiding the “junk” anyway. We know that when a food is forbidden, the cravings are the strongest. If you want a treat, go out for it. This way a treat stays just that, a treat and not something you eat everyday. We are never about restricting calories and our clients are surprised at how much food they can actually eat and still lose weight.

Nutrition appointments will help you learn how to eat healthy without feeling hungry and how to be active without feeling fatigued. After you’re appointment you’ll understand the difference between emotional and physical hunger and how to control your eating without dieting. You’ll gain insight about how your lifestyle affects not only what you eat but also how it affects your activity level. We’ll help make your home a “clean eating zone and help you get started eating right by giving you delicious, quick 5 minute recipes. This way, when you’re hungry, you will always be prepared with healthy meals and snacks on hand. 

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