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Commit Fitness Client Testimonials

Sheila L <500 hour RYT> - I had the pleasure of attending a yoga class taught by Brittany Pagourgis. The class was well organized beginning with a pause for integration, followed by a warming sequence, strength building, stretching and final relaxation that included calming touches and soothing aroma therapy. Brittany's sweet and confident voice offered structure to the practice, but also encouraged freedom to explore our postures. I highly recommend Brittany's Sunday morning yoga class at Commit Fitness.


Joyce S. - Commit Fitness is my connection to a healthy life and a strong body. As an aging woman this is very important and I can count on Tony and Barb to stay committed to keeping me fit. I have had a knee replacment and it has been difficult for me to embrace it. I am committed to working through this and keeping both knees strong! The Commit fitness team is there for me 100% to achieve this goal.


Katherine J. - I just started with Commit Fitness and I can already feel the difference. Barbara and Tony design a workout for me that addresses my limitations, bringing me along step by step. I am stronger and more self-confident that I can do this! I know with their help, I will achieve my goals!


Sallie R. - I took an adult function fitness class and thoroughly enjoyed it! It's been quite a while since I've worked out so I was a bit worried about how I would fee the next day. The best part is that I slept completely through the night which is a fantastic thing for me and I COULD MOVE THE NEXT MORNING! I definitely feel the workout but I can walk up and down the stairs etc… I have a shoulder issue so Barbara modified some of the exercises and my shoulder isn’t bothering me either. So happy to be back working out with people who know what their doing and who really care about your personal fitness goals! Thank you Commit Fitness!


Lorinda O. - I love it here. It's such a safe and comfortable environment. With the small group training, you get the benefit of a truly knowledgeable personal trainer, but you get motivation, comradely, and support from the other members as well. I consider everyone at Commit Fitness to be part of my family. If you are looking to get fit and stay healthy, Commit Fitness is where you want to be.


Ruth C. - Commit fitness is the place to workout. Like a second family! The workout is awesome.


Joshua P. - Had a great meeting today with the owners. They are truly passionate about their business and your individual health and well being. Years and years and years of fitness training and knowledge between them. Also such a great and CLEAN facility!!


Kellie A. - Outstanding place, equipment, and training. Worth every penny.


Colleen C. - ...Chris has been doing awesome. He went backpacking in July for 2 weeks in New Mexico and pretty much started football camps, conditioning and captains practice when he returned. He was in GREAT shape to handle the grueling hikes.

He is the starting quarterback for both the Freshman and JV football teams in Lunenburg. We get comments every game on how impressed people are with his running, passing, etc. His speed has gotten much better and he plays with so much confidence! I attribute much of his success to the hard work he put in at commit fitness :) You guys are great and whatever you did with Chris has worked!

Hopefully we will be able to have Chris go back to see you in between football & basketball seasons!

I just thought I should let you know how happy we are with the results!

Thank you and hope to see you soon!


Commit Fitness is a 4000 square foot, full-service training facility at 98 Adams Street in Leominster, MA.

The location is two blocks from Main Street in the downtown area, less than 2 miles from Route 2 and approximately 5 miles from Route 190.

The facility is in the newly renovated plastics factory known as City Place. 

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